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Say this to yourself, 6am in the morning and see what will happen.

Every morning by 6am, you should learn how to say good words to yourself before talking to anyone. These are the reason why you should say goods things to yourself as early as that time in click.

1. It help your day.

2. Your tougues are fire expecially in the early morning. Whatever you say this time, must come to pass.

3. It make you have sense of hope.

4. It gives you energy.

5. It saves you from bad day.

6. It gives you the power to explore even if you are powerless.

7. It clean yesterday issues from your heart and prepare you for a brand new day.

8. It a good therapy for everyday blessings, just like everyday food.

9. It have a long term support for your life.

10. It make you gain your self power and encourage you to do the wonders.

11. It also help your spiritual strength.

one of those things that kill our spiritual capacity is negative message our spirit receives. Saying good words to yourself first thing in the morning, help restoring your spiritual capacity for growth.

12. It break limit and curses.

You can imagine the curses and negative words we go through everyday from our friends and family. These words break the power of this word every single day.


Start saying good things to yourself every morning.

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