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4 Unnatural Things That Happen In Nigeria But Normal In The Rest Of The World

Here are four of those: 

Why visit a therapists? 

Individuals who study brain research in school generally wind up working in different offices in the administration, there are very few employments for them in Nigeria

Indeed, I haven't seen a Nigerian who says "I'm going to see an analyst." 

Dominant part of Nigerians don't have a sense of security imparting their weight to an all out more peculiar, neither will they accept exhortation from such individuals. They would prefer to converse with companions. 

About the main individuals, the normal Nigerian tune in to are banks, ministers and local specialists. 

I'm of the conclusion that the greater part of Nigerians have genuine mental issues yet decided to disregard them. Express gratitude toward God sequential killings are uncommon here. 

For what reason does anybody need a Dentist? 

You will make some hard memories disclosing to my grandpa why you went to concentrate just the teeth rather than the entire body. 

These individuals just sit tight for genuine medical procedure, that is the main time most Nigerians recall them. 

They consider these people specialist yet not specialist. 

They are not genuine to us. Genuine Doctors treat all aspects of the body, henceforth in Nigeria, even a dental specialist does fetus removal, gets eyes and different sicknesses bolster his ministry(family). 

Why security officials? 

This is being grasped in enormous organizations currently, yet in those days who thinks about security? 

I worked in an organization where the wellbeing manager needed to continually energize, caution and undermine laborers to keep their hard caps on their head just for them to take it off and grasp it following he leaves. 

"I'm not visually impaired, I won't hit my head purposefully at any hard surface, what does this man take me for, a nitwit?" 

Nigerians put stock in petitions more than wellbeing. After ground-breaking supplications—it's incredible on the grounds that individuals yell and sweat while imploring, they are prepared to confront the world without stress from there on. 

Come and see James Bond drivers in Lagos, alone—just to shout Jesus before a mishap. 

Asking in complete quietness: 

How would you supplicate without making a sound? 

Your neighbors don't have any acquaintance with you as a petition warrior? 

The witches in your family/town need to be careful with you before God even sends them fire. 

The normal Nigerian implores with blood and sweat. 

The Bible said converse with God however the normal Nigerian yells to God. 

You're viewed as a frail Christian on the off chance that you don't supplicate that way. 

Indeed, no Nigerian, living in a Christian overwhelmed state will say he hasn't caught a neighbor imploring.

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