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COVID-19: Testing Positive For Coronavirus Is Not A Death Warrant

Since the beginning of the year 2020 when the coronavirus disease otherwise known as COVID-19 reached its peak with death arising from the pandemic in hundreds of thousands, it has brought about unnecessary fears to many people in Nigeria and beyond. Though developing countries in Africa were not spared, the worst-hit regions were developed countries like Spain, the United States of America, and the UK among others. Testing positive for the virus is not a death sentence because observing the COVID-19 protocols, early detection, isolation, and getting treated before the virus damages the lungs have saved many lives.

The fact that there was no confirmed cure for the deadly virus in sight necessitated the development of the COVID-19 vaccines. Although, there are cases of vaccinated patients who still tested positive for the virus because the COVID-19 vaccines do not stop one from contracting the virus. However, the vaccines help to build resistance against the possible dangers associated with the disease. The people who have survived COVID-19 in 2021 are in multiples of those who did not.

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