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This Community in Nigeria Has The Highest Number of Twins in The World.

When it comes to the birth of twin, it is an uncommon occurrence that's why it is seen as a scientific miracle when it happens.

Twins are most times seen as double blessings, double problems, double chaos etc.

The birth rate of twins in the world varies depending on the country and region.

Scientists from Radboud University and Oxford University conducted a research and discovered that Africa is the World with the highest Twin-births.

Here is the town in Nigeria with the highest twin birth rate.👇

Igbo Ora town in Oyo State:

This town is located at the South West in Oyo State. The town is nicknamed "Twin Capital of the World ". Igbo Ora records an unusual high rate of twin births . The people of Igbo Ora town see birth of twin as a firm of blessing from God and respect from mankind. Some persons believe that this high birth rate of twins in this town is as a result of the diet they consume such as yam and the use of brooms in cooking but this assertion is yet to be proven .

Although, a hospital gynecologist had explained that the release of more than one egg is what leads to twin pregnancies which means that there is possibly an environmental factor that encourages the high level of this chemical substance.

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