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4 Nigerian Soups That Can Help You To Manage Your Blood Sugar Effectively

Soups are key elements in food in Nigeria. This is because in many Nigerian communities foods that are being swallowed dominate the diet. Unfortunately,many Nigerians do not know the health benefits of those soups they prepare.

In this article, we want to highlight the Nigerian soups that can effectively be used to control blood sugar level. But before I present these soups, it is necessary to give you the key that will make your effort successful.

When you want to manage your blood sugar level using any of these soups, you should take enough of the soup and less whole grains.

1. Okra soup.

Okra is a medicinal fruit that is used to prepare soups in Nigeria. In Turkey it is used to treat diabetes, and scientists have proved that it is effective in the management of blood sugar level.

Okra is rich in fiber and antioxidants. It is very good in management of blood sugar and blood cholesterol. Simply make a rich okra soup and make sure that you take more soup than the wheat flour that you swallow.

2. Ewedu.

Ewedu soup is popular among the Yorubas the dwell in western Nigeria. The leaves are also in other parts of Nigeria. It also contains a healthy oil and liquid fiber. Because of these it is very effective in management of blood sugar but you must take enough Quantity of the soup.

3.Ogbono soup.

Ogbono is made with the seed of African bush mango seed. African bush mango or wild mango as it is called contains an important food fiber. Research have also shown this seed or it's extract for having the potential to control blood sugar.

Simply make a good ogbono soup and use your wheat flour or plantain flour but your soup must be big enough relative to your flour. Also include oily fishes in your soup as source of proteins.

4. Edikaikon soup.

Edikaikon soup is made with fluted pumpkin leaves and water leaves. These leaves are loaded with important nutrients and antioxidants. Most vegetables are also very rich in fiber.

Edikaikon soup would also help if included effectively into your diet. One major secret is that those seeking to control blood sugar level should emphasize more on soup' than on their source of carbohydrates.

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