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If you really want to Succeed in Life, Avoid these Four Things

Success is the key to life. Success doesn't just come. It comes through hard work,perseverance, positive thoughts dedication and discipline. If any of these items are missing, then loopholes are created. If you really want to succeed in all your future endeavors and present activities then you must avoid these four things.

1. Fear

2.Negative Thoughts


4. Inferiority Complex


Fear is an invisible enemy. It crawls through our minds and thought. Fear is an unpleasant emotions caused by the thread of danger, pain, or harm. Many people who grew up from childhood into adulthood with fear in their minds tend possesses the trait fear. This might be attributed to a death of a loved one like parents or siblings.

It can also be caused by unpleasant situations like you experienced a horrible situation like an accident,molestation, or grew up in the hands of wicked relations like Uncles stepmother or father.

Children who grew up under the above conditions are likely to grow into adulthood with great fear in their minds.

Overcoming Fear

The best way to overcome fear is to try and do the thing that makes you have fear. If your afraid of failures then try the job or skills. Failures are part of life and they makes us grow stronger. Don't be afraid just go for it and you will surely succeed in your endeavors.

2.Negative Thoughts

The mind is like a reservoir. If you fill it with positive thought,sweet memories and events, it releases sweet energy which in turns surround you with good memories. But if you fill your thoughts with negative things,it also releases negative energy which also surrounds you and slowly destroys you. Stop this i can't do it. It's not possible. It's going to be a bad day. Start with it's possible, its a good day and its pleasant and lovely.

Overcoming Negative Thoughts

To overcome negative thoughts, we must filled our minds with sweet memories, things that makes us happy and positive thoughts. That way the bad thoughts would be defeated and we can be able to stand firm and face the future.


Procrastination means the action of delaying something or postponing something. You wanted to apply for a job,you want to learn a trade or skills,you need a very vital information but due to procrastination you now delayed it. Know that your not the only person on the train seeking for what you desired for. The moment you delayed it for another day,month or year,then it be procrastinated initiative and has become someone's product.

Overcoming Procrastination

The best way to overcome procrastination is to avoid the doubting Thomas in your mind or action. Just have confidence and so do the needful and success will surely be your portion.

4. Inferiority Complex

Inferiority complex is term used to described those who feel they are less than other people. They just created a feeling in their minds that they can't do anything tangible. They just believed some people are born to succeed while others are born to fail.

A person having inferiority complex believes he was born to suffer, to fail and belongs to the lower class. He feels less of himself and believes others are better even when they are not. He always create barrier for himself. He isn't a risk taker. He is also the architect of his own problems.

Overcoming Inferiority Complex

Don't feel less of yourself. Look around you. Many people who have become successful were nobody. Take for instance former President Babangida ,Abatcha and Even Atiku Abubakar,they were all orphans but today their names is written in history. No person is less only if you termed yourself less or not worthy.

Have confidence and don't feel others are superior. They are only succeeding because they set their mindset that they are going to succeed. They must do it. They would try it, no mater how many times they failed.


Don't create self barriers for your self. The person who produced electricity Einstein tried many times before he was able to make it. Even when many didn't believed in him, he never stopped until his mission was accomplished. The world is filled with many opportunities. Just tap the one that best fit your desire or ambition. You might be the next Dangote group of company who knows?

This are my personal views,research and experience. You can also contribute positively by sharing your own experiences with us through the comment section. Like and share the article if you find it interesting. Waiting to hear from you.

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