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Why Women Who Are Above 40 Are Advised To Eat 'Ugu' From Time To Time

Ugu is the among the local leafy green vegetables often seen around. It is the common name given to the leaves of a crop known as fluted pumpkin. They are blessed with a lot of nutrients and this makes them advisable for consumption but this article shall explain why it would be very helpful for women who are above the age of 40.

Source: Hintnaija

The age of 40 is usually when menopause sets in, menopause is when a woman no longer ovulates, thus she no longer sheds eggs and no longer menstruates.

However, most women who gave birth to children have most likely lost a substantial amount of minerals during delivery and breastfeeding, even menstrual bleeding in some cases.

Some of these minerals would include calcium which is the major constituent mineral of the human bone though the body needs this mineral for several other functions.

When calcium levels in the blood is low, the blood would extract some calcium from the bone and this affects the calcium content of the bone making the bones less dense.

Osteoporosis occurs when the bones become so poor in density resulting from constant depletion of calcium which is supposed to make it strong. This condition is more peculiar to elderly women because they've lost loads of them in the course of life.

Ugu is a leafy green vegetables and such, contains calcium. It's regular consumption would go a long way in providing the body with it's required calcium serving helping the bones strength as well as performing the other calcium functions the body needs it for.

Calcium needs vitamin D for proper absorption and it is often synthesized by sunlight so it is advisable to from time to time take a walk under the sun during the early hours of the day.

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