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4 Native Foods that Could Help Keep Your Weight in Check

It is the desire of most ladies to achieve a perfect weight and generally a perfect shape. This is why most of them indulge in taking enhancement pills in order to reduce their body weight in order to achieve this perfect shape.

But little did they know that the foods that can be cooked and prepared in Nigeria can even help in keeping a person's weight in shape.

It all depends on how you prepare the food. In this article, I am going to be talking about 4 Native Foods that could help keep your weight in check.

1. Unripened plantain and Chicken pepper soup

Naturally Unripened plantain is one of the recommended foods for weight loss. This is because it is a complex carbohydrate which makes it perfect for weight loss. It is also rich in potassium, fiber and other important nutrients needed by the body.

While chicken on the other hand is relatively low in calories and higher in protein which can reduce the number of calories you take.

2. Brown Rice and Turkey or Chicken Meat

Brown Rice is relatively low in calories and is a recommended food for people desiring for weight loss. While Chicken or Turkey meat as said earlier is higher in protein and lower in calories.

This will help reduce even the amount of brown rice you consume at a sitting.

3. Okra Soup and Amala

Okra Soup still remains one of the most healthy native food. It is rich in antioxidants, minerals and possibly reduce blood sugar. Some research from, believe that it contains some anti cancer properties.

It could play a role in weight management and also help people suffering from Obesity. Amala is a product made from unripe plantain flour. This makes it best for weight loss management.

4. Vegetable Sauce

Vegetables are high in minerals, vitamins and Antioxidants but hardly increases the weight of a person. You can add it to brown rice and enjoy or any other low carb food.

Content created and supplied by: StayHealthy (via Opera News )

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