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4 Signs Someone Is About To Die

Death is like an unwelcome visitor, it appears when you least expect it. Death is completely inevitable, it is even listed as one of the characteristics of living things. Even though some scientific discoveries have rebuffed that all organisms are liable to perish, humans are still very susceptible to the claws of death.

No one for sure can predict when death would rear it's ugly head. However, there are a few signs that this unwelcome visitor may be lurking around the closet. Below are a few signs someone is on the verge of kicking the bucket:

Has Decreased Appetite

Decrease in appetite could be a sign of many underlying medical conditions. However, it could also mean that he/she is about kicking the bucket very soon. There is no age limit for this kind of symptom. Anyone at any age range can have a decreased appetite. You must ensure you observe the person slowly for any sudden changes in eating habits.

Sleeping more

This is one sign you need not ignore no matter what especially if the person is old. The person begins to sleep a lot more. That waking up then starts becoming a problem because it's as if the person is constantly in a deep state of sleep.

Becoming less social

People who are on the verge of giving up the ghost usually find it hard to associate with others. Their bodies begin to withdraw from the real world and they start preferring some alone time.

Have Weakening Muscles

This is usually experienced amongst old people. As time goes on, your muscles are bound to grow weaker. You won't be as strong as you were when you were young. It's only normal for old people to feel muscle weakness especially when they're on the verge of kicking the bucket.

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