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7 Warning Signs of night blindness

The term “night blindness” implies that you can see at night. This is known as a type of vision impairment which is also called nyctalopia. As we know, people with this illness, find it hard to see at night or in a dimly lit environments.

People with this illness don't drive at night due to their poor vision. Moreover, there are certain things that can cause this illness and one of them include, cataracts, which is known as a cloudy lens.

Symptoms or warning signs of night blindness include;

1. Abnormal trouble adapting to the dark while driving at night.

2. Blurry vision when driving in the dark.

3. Difficulty seeing in places with dim lighting, like your house or a movie theater.

4. Excessive squinting at night.

5. Trouble adjusting from bright areas to darker ones.

6. Inability to see pedestrians walking at night.

7. Reduced contrast sensitivity.

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