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For All Married Couples Struggling With Infertility: Eat 2 Bitter Kola Daily To Get These Result

Infertility has taken a lot of joy away from many marriages today. The joy and blessing of every marriage is to be blessed with at least a child but after some months and there is no sign, and then there is a cause for alarm. Many people in the society are struggling with this predicament and are seeking solutions everywhere but to no avail.

Infertility can be caused in females as a result of failure to ovulate which is not normal, when the egg doesn’t mature fully before it is released, implantation problem and many others.

Most cases of  infertility are always traced to the women by the society but a man also can suffer from this. It is a healthy sperm that is needed to fertilize the egg so when the sperm is not healthy, there is no way fertilization can take place. Some of the causes of infertility in males include abnormal sperm production, diabetes and other sexually transmitted disease.

Aside all these causes, we are in the African society where some people are always there looking for the downfall of others and how to bring sadness into marriages. In this situation, the best place to run to is to God and his anointed ones. Life is spiritual and failure to understand this has kept many people and even marriages in bondage.

But, for those caused by diseases and other human factors, bitter kola therapy is a very effective remedy to use. It has been used for years and it is still effective up till date.

How to use

The method here is simple; eat two bitter kola every day for 1-2 months everyday nonstop. As you are doing this, you can add this additional remedy of moringa leaf, locust beans and bitter kola.

Simple get these 3 items, grind them together and mix with malt. Drink daily for about 7 days and get intimate with your partner and you will soon begin to notice some changes in your body.

This method can rectify infertility in both males and females.

Some other functions bitter kola performs in the body include.

1.    It relieves joint pain.

2.    It reduces eye pressure.

3.    It functions as an anti poison.

4.    It helps in weight loss.

5.    It helps in curing malaria.

6.    It helps the liver in the detoxification process in the body.

7.    It enhances erections and male libido.

8.    It helps in the treatment of cough and cold.

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African Bitter Kola


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