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Abdominal Fat, Types, And General Remedy To Get Rid Of It

The biggest problem of most people is probably abdominal FAT! Belly fat is not just a problem because it can look bad.

In fact, having lots of fat in the abdominal area is strongly linked to diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

For this reason, losing belly fat has massive benefits for your health and can help you live longer.

Some ladies opt in to use girdle, waist trainer. Personally I don't totally recommend this as the side effect is Worse. 

The discomfort on internal organs is not worth it at all when there are viable means as alternative. 

Types Of Abdominal Fat

There are series of things that can cause belly fats in the body. Here are some of them;


Alcohol intake can cause the belly fat that causes back pain, feel of hunger and ignites the desire for harmful sugary foods. 

Alcohol is the culprit of this type of belly fat, and it totally doesn’t matter if it is large quantity of it or small.

Be it- a can of beer' or wine and other alcoholic beverages, they prevent the body from breaking down food properly or undermining the liver’s ability to burn fat.

Keep in mind also that alcohol has high calories that contributes even more to increasing belly fat level! 


- Say goodbye to alcohol consumption or try to avoid drinking it.

- Go out and exercise to burn fat.

- Eating more fruits, vegetables is a must.


Our body releases a hormone called CORTISOL when we subject ourselves to daily stress.

This cortisol forces your body to store fat around the waist that causes SAGGING BELLY. It can also cause ANXIETY therefore, cause us to eat more than necessary.

Your sleep patterns can also be a form of stress not so obvious.


- Rest more.

- Go to bed early to help regulate metabolism.

- Avoid junk food and overeating 

- Watch your sweet and salty foods consumption

- Caffeine raises cortisol levels.

- Enjoy a healthy breakfast to avoid anxiety and mood swings.

- Practice exercises such as yoga or meditation that help relieve stress.

3. POSTPARTUM BELLY FAT ( after giving birth) for women

After giving birth, in many cases, the fat seems to have established permanent residence in your womb! Even after you lose the baby’s weight, you may still have a belly. 

This could be due to diastasis of recti - abdominal muscles separating and the tissues stretching during pregnancy

Your insulin levels may also increase during pregnancy. Therefore, it may be that you are accumulating fat in your abdomen. 

In these cases, it is best to consult a specialist to rule out diabetes.

Read below on beneficial steps on how to get rid of postpartum belly fat.


- Stop doing sit-ups, since they annoy and prevent the natural body healing of the separating abdominal muscles and stretched tissues.

- Visit the doctor if the lump is accompanied by back, pelvic or even stomach pain

- Walking and doing exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor and core; look for programs that are aimed at diastasis.

Some patients may require surgery or a physiotherapist.

There is an Intelligent PostPartum Fat Removal Machine that is smart to have. You can get this from a reliable source.


Your hormonal levels can sabotage your efforts to get rid of our excess fat! 

Several studies indicate that if you are male and your testosterone levels are below 300ng/dl, this may indicate metabolic syndrome, which is characterized, among other things, by the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

However, if you are a woman and your testosterone values ​​are above 70ng/dl, it may be one of the signs of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). 

This syndrome is usually accompanied by appearance of beards, chest hair, etc on a lady, insulin resistance and a tendency to accumulate fat in the belly.


- Eat healthy fats like Omega 3 and 6.

- Increase the intake of fiber -fruits, vegetables, vegetables- to lose fat.

- Reduce the consumption of dairy products and foods that cause bloating. eg milk

- Light exercise, such as walking or yoga, will help maintain low levels of stress (cortisol).

- Take zinc supplements to correct hormonal imbalance


Do you wake up in the morning with a flat stomach, but does it end up expanding as the day goes by? 

The causes of this type of abdomen can be gas, intolerance to certain foods / allergies, imbalances in the intestinal flora or bad digestion.

Do you notice that after eating you feel very bloated? It could be Gluten Intolerance or we are not eating enough fiber. 

Experiment eliminating a meal or two (pasta, corn, yeast, etc.), to discover what foods could be causing problems.

Food especially food made from flour eg bread, chin-chin, doughnut, mincepie, pizza, etc.

Amazing Fact

For Men- Do you know that the bigger your belly the shorter your manhood.

For Ladies- The flatter your belly, the more your breast and bumbum appears. This gives you a fuller figure.

Sincerely, belly fat is one of the most difficult types of fat to get rid of, but luckily for you, in this short article, I am going to show you a GENERAL REMEDY that will help you eliminate abdominal fat in only five days!

It sounds incredible, but it really is true!


1. A branch of parsley or CORIANDER 

2. A cucumber

3. A spoonful of honey

4. A spoonful of lemon juice

5. A spoonful of aloe vera gel

6. A spoonful of ginger powder

7. Half a glass of water


All you needs to do, is to pick a branch of any of this plant ' parsley or Coriander' pluck the leaf, put it inside a blender, put a cucumber, add a half glass of water, with a spoonful of aloe vera gel. Then blend together. After this, sieve the juice in a cup, add a spoonful of lemon juice, a spoonful of ginger powder, and a spoonful of honey. Then mix together.

Dosage- Drink everything at once.

Take this treatment for 5 nights before going to bed because it should act while you’re relaxing at night and your body isn’t stressed.

 Lastly, there are three things in anyone's belly that's big. These are;

 - Fart (flatulence) i.e. Bad gas (isó)

 - Fat (òrá)

 - Faeces (ìgbé) 

Should these stay in your body? If your answer is No, then get rids of it now.

Hope you gained alot? Kindly follow me for more.

Thanks for reading, do share your thoughts and don't forget to like and share this content.

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