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Health Problems You Can Prevent By Taking Lemongrass (Achara Tea)

Lemongrass, also called citronella, is a tall, stalky plant. It has a fresh, lemony aroma and a citrus flavor. It is commonly taken orally, applied directly to the skin, or inhaled as aromatherapy for many different conditions.

Lemongrass is also used as a folk remedy to promote sleep, relieve pain, and boost immunity. It can be used in managing conditions such: relieving pain and swelling, reducing fever, improving levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, stimulating the uterus and menstrual flow, and having antioxidant properties. In some cases, lemongrass can be used as a deodorant.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy lemongrass is tea.

Apart from all these, there are some health conditions that can be managed by taking lemongrass. And 5 of them would be mentioned in this article.

1. It prevents dysfunction of cells

Lemongrass contains antioxidants, which helps in taking away some harmful substances in your body that may cause disease. Also, these antioxidants may help prevent the dysfunction of cells inside your coronary arteries.

2. It acts as an antibacterial

Lemongrass tea may help treat oral infections and cavities, thanks to its antimicrobial properties. It has essential oil that combats bacteria most responsible for tooth decay. Also, lemongrass can fight against several types of bacteria and fungus in vitro.

3. Lemongrass stops inflammation

Lemongrass has two main compounds citral and geranial, which are responsible for their anti-inflammatory benefits. Inflammation is said to be the cause of many conditions, including heart disease and even stroke. Citral and geranial are said to help stop the release of certain things that can cause inflammation in your body.

4. It may reduce your cancer risk

The citral in lemongrass is also thought to have potent anticancer abilities against some cancer cell lines because it boosts your immune system and makes your body strong to be able to fight against cancer. Several components of lemongrass have been proven to help fight cancer.

5. It may help promote healthy digestion

Taken lemongrass tea can be an alternative remedy for upset stomach, stomach cramping, and other digestive problems. Lemongrass may also be effective against gastric ulcers this is because it helps protect the stomach lining against damage from aspirin and ethanol. Aspirin use is a common cause of gastric ulcers.

Source: Healthline

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