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Health Benefits of Hugs: Why You Should Start Hugging More Often.

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When last did you hug a loved one or someone going through a hard time in his or her life? Hugs, no doubt have many meanings and effects according to each personality. That is why today, I will talk about the benefits of hugs on a physical, and mental level.

Hugging may seem to be a universal way to comfort someone. Studies have also explained why your body needs a hug every day and why it’s good for your health. Below are science-backed facts about hugs that should make you start spreading love right away.

1: It can help to reduce stress

Scientists have discovered that supporting people in pain through physical contact like hugs can reduce their stress.

One study found that several parts of the brain showed more activity after hugging their partners. This implies that the psychology of hugs largely depends on making people feel protected and safe under somebody else’s physical care.


2: It is good for the heart

Several studies have found that hugs can reduce blood pressure and heart rate, which makes it one of the major reasons why your body needs a hug every day.

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3: It makes you happier and relaxes

Hugging someone who is going through a lot can put a smile on their face. If you don’t know how to make people feel better, just hug them. The science behind hugs has discovered that closeness of any kind releases oxytocin (also called the “cuddle hormone”) that reduces blood pressure and makes humans happier.


4: Builds companionship and communication

Scientists discovered that hugs build trust, support, friendship, love, friendship, and so on among humans. Or to put it in simpler terms, hugging transmits companionship and comfort. Although humans can express their feelings both verbally and facially.


5: It can reduce fear and pain

Did you know that a simple touch can reduce anxiety and pain? The psychology of hugs has found that touching people can raise their self-esteem and keep them from isolating themselves.

One study found that people with fibromyalgia who went through six therapeutic touch treatments reported an increase in their life quality.


Finally, now that you know some major benefits of hugs, what are you waiting for? Go spread some love and help someone today.

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