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If you are experiencing this three things in your body it shows that you are infertile

Have you ever wondered, in terms of infertility women are usually the card holder. This could be because of their body exposure to so many diseases. Sometimes, it makes me think that men are just created to be strong naturally. Looking at things, whether you like it or not, woman are the overall in every matter concerning infertility.

I am writing this today to increase your awareness of some things if you normally experience in your body, it means that you are infertile. You may never have experience many of these, but it's advising if you know them because no knowledge is a waste. The more you can understand this article the more profitable it will be to you.

Though infertility can be said to be genetic sometimes. They are also other factors that can cause infertility which I'm going to to list below.

So, here’s 5 symptom and causes of infertility you have to note for preventive measures.

1. For men: If you are experiencing testicle pain or swelling it is advising to go and see your doctor because it is one of the symptoms of infertility.

For women: If you are having painful or irregular periods, please go and check your doctor for preventive measures.

2. For men: problems of maintaining erection, erection are caused due to the presence of hormone. So when the hormone level reduces it can cause infertility.

For women: always having pains when someone is having fun with you. If you are having pains in such situation, it also means that your hormone level is very low which can also lead to infertility.

3. For men: if you are always having issues in ejaculation, inability to do such means that you have to see your doctor for fast treatment.

For women: No period at all, if a woman is not see her period knowing full well that she's not pregnant, she definitely needs to see her doctor because it can cause infertility.

Please we should be in vigilant in some unusual experiences in our body. let's not see it as normal for prevention is better than cure.

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