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Stop Eating These 10 Foods They Are Killing Your Libido

Have you ever been to a car, where the driver continues to hit the brakes? It could be pure torture, can it? That's what these foods are for your low libido, typically being fuelled by testosterone. We also think of it as a hormone that people have to zip their bodies through. On the other hand, we consider estrogen primarily a female hormone.

The truth is that both testosterone and estrogen play vital roles in both sexes' bodies and — unless we have a good ratio from one to the other — all kinds of things can get wonky. Men may develop breasts; women can sprout excessive hair on their faces. But in both cases, testosterone and estrogen imbalance can increase or decrease libido. And a vast amount of work has been done to find out which foods can increase or decrease our levels of T and E. You will learn about certain foods in this article that can change your sex hormones to the point where your libido is destroyed.

1. Sugar.

Sugar is a Libido Killer. It increases levels of insulin in the bloodstream and is thus the source of loss of abdominal fat and muscle mass. Belly fat in men increases estrogen levels which results in low libido and erectile dysfunction. Studies have revealed that excess glucose (sugar) significantly reduces total and free testosterone levels. It would boost your sexual appetite to make an effort to get rid of, or increase the sugar you consume dramatically. Give an attempt to swag the gingered bedroom.

 2. Diet Soda.

The goal of reducing the overall consumption of sugar has resulted in the creation of alternatives. Get the sweet taste without the influence of sugar. Diet Sodas contains sweeteners chemical aspartame. Serotonin levels in the body may be directly affected by aspartame. Serotonin is a hormone that encourages a sense of happiness or goodness. Low serotonin is related to lower libido, both for men and for women. Stop your diet with soda.

3. Processed Foods.

Most nutrients are lost during processing. For example, wheat loses about 3/4 of its content to turn it into white flour during the bleaching process. For men's sexuality and reproductive health, zinc is a mineral important. Refined grains are a cause of diabetes and contribute to insulin resistance. Diabetes in turn speeds up artery narrowness and raises the risk of cardiac disease. Poor diabetes regulated is a libido murderer.

4. Microwave Popcorn.

Scientific studies show that perfluorooctanoic acid, a chemical used in the microwave bag lining, kills sexual desire. In people with a prostate, the acid also causes problems.

5. Marijuana. 

Marijuana was named after animals in various cultures, many of whom, both men and women, indulge. Some people add it to the food during cooking, while others add it to the food. Whatever your intake of marijuana, testosterone levels are gradually reduced for up to 24 hours. Avoid marijuana or any products it contains, especially if the light is turned off and comfortable.

6. Alcohol.

Alcohol poisoning moisturizes the senses. Alcohol reduces the ability of men to achieve and sustain erections, thus reducing their sexual pleasure. Many think you should get into the mood with a glass of wine or a drink. However, too much of it reduces the libido, which intersects both sexes. The liver activity and its ability to metabolize hormones are impaired by a heavy alcohol intake. A poor hepatitis is causing a reduction in libido in various hormones in the body.

7. Coffee.

Coffee enhances libido for most men. It helps to build and to increase alertness. For some other people, coffee could have the exact opposite effect. Coffee increases anxiety, leading to low sex driving.

8. Shrimp.

Some of the preservatives used to prevent discolouration in the shrimp industry disrupt your endocrine. Your hormones mix up, just like your sex hormones, when your endocrine is disrupted. At dinner, the ginger in the bedroom is too shrimpy.

9. Cheese.

For people living in countries where synthetic hormones are used to improve the daily production of animals, the most cheese they eat is full of synthetic hormones. The natural generation of hormones in your body, including oestrogen and testosterone, could potentially be messed up by your regular consumption and thus the libido drive.

10. Canned food.

The method of canning includes preservatives. Therefore, the amount of dietary sodium that comes from the salt used as preservatives is high in canned foods. Many studies have shown that dietary sodium causes hypertension and blood flow to certain areas of the body, including genitals. Increased blood flow to the genitals causes sexual excitement. If the blood flow to the body for some cause is reduced the erection of the man is small, and the blood flow to the woman is not adequate because it is vulnerable and difficult. Share with us if your sexual appetite has influenced either of this food in the past.

Content created and supplied by: Utomobong6 (via Opera News )

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