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Signs of Travel Dehydration You Shouldn’t Ignore

Dehydration can be defined simply as the loss of fluid from the body. Therefore, you must drink water regularly to prevent loss and to prevent dehydration. If the body does not replace enough fluids lost, the process of dehydration begins.

According to "Healthline", as dehydration increases, sweating and urination decrease, tissues dry out and organs are damaged at the end of the process. If dehydration is not treated in time, it may lead to kidney failure.

One of the mistakes people make is staying without checking their health status. Before anything happens to your body it must come with signs and symptoms. It is good to always look for signs of dehydration so that you can address the problem before it is too late. However, below are signs of dehydration when traveling you should not take for granted

1. High body temperature

2. Dry skin and chapped lips

3. feeling dizzy

4. Dizziness and drowsiness

5. Feeling thirsty

6. Headache

7. Dark urine color

8. Dry mouth

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