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I regret studying Medicine (MBBS) - I thought money was involved

Let me cut straight to the point. I am someone who is 500l studying medicine, let me tell you something, it simply isn’t worth it. I’m not some embittered dropout, am still a student, I will give you reasons why it’s not worth it.

1. The education: Training to become a doctor will consume solid 8 years of your youth, with very little time left over for anything else. The coursework and workload are the most difficult of any educational path you could possibly choose. In our country especially, we have to rely on YouTube videos because the lecturers add to difficulty level, not to mention shitty laboratories and outdated hospital facilities.

2. Competition: Can we talk about how getting admission into university to study medicine is really hard and competitive. Only students with impossibly high JAMB scores and post UTME scores, or you have mad connections. I know students, who score really high, and yet they don’t get admission to study medicine, yet they keep trying for years. Personally I went through a longer route first acquiring a bachelor's degree before I went for MBBS. See my mates now all balling. It’s just that competitive. Don’t even try unless you are extremely smart.

3. The pay: You might be thinking what’s wrong with this part, that doctors make great money. Well it’s kind of. Doctors make average of 1.2 million naira per year for General Practitioners. High level surgeons and specialists make average of 4 million per year. Its okay money, but you could make a lot more if you pour all your time, effort and capital from your education into starting a business or investment fund which could be more profitable in the long term. So doctors are actually paid very little compared to the training they receive, and the intelligence and work ethic they bring to the table. Doctors will never be truly wealthy, just comfortable, so if you want to study medicine for the money, think again!

4. Job satisfaction: Becoming a doctor is really hard. But everyone knows this, and we go into the field with some ideas of the challenges that lie ahead, because we think it’s worth it in the end, because doctors save lives. Truth is, they actually kill more than save in our country. Your years of studying medicine is almost all wasted in this country because of inadequate facilities, stupid hospital policies, and poverty. Sometimes it’s outright murder, because they know the family of the patients can’t afford the fees anymore to keep the patient alive.

In summary, I can’t recommend becoming a doctor to anyone. It is simply too hard, and has a lame payoff at the end.

 It is true what they say, medicine is a calling. But if you are really determined to become a doctor, you will not worry too much on the difficulties school brings. You will only be looking forward. Because in the end you will know it was worth it. Forget about the money, it’s not there.

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