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4 Signs A Person Might Be Nearing Death That Should Not Be Ignored

Are you aware that there are certain signs that show a person might soon die from a disease? If you have someone or a loved one battling a chronic life threatening disease, ensure you watch him or her closely or even rush such a person to the hospital for proper checkup once he or she starts showing these signs more regularly.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the signs a person might soon die from a disease that should not be ignored. Like I stated earlier, once someone close to you starts showing these signs, make sure you take him or her to the hospital for proper checkup and treatment.

What Are The Signs A Person Might Soon Die if Not Taken Care of?

1. Drastically Reduced Appetite; it is normal to say that anyone suffering from a serious disease won't have appetite for food or drinks of any sort. But it is also pertinent to mention that if you have someone suffering from any disease that has lasted for a long while yet he or she doesn't appear to be getting better instead such a person keeps going down with the appetite becoming lower by the day, it could be a sign that such a person is dying from the illness and the earlier you get him or her to the hospital, the better for you and the person. This lack of appetite is due to the organs are slowly failing and as such, there is much less need for energy.

2. Spending Most Hours Of The Day Sleeping; this is another sign that an ailing person might soon die. If your loved one starts spending most hours of the day sleeping even when the illness is supposed to have subsided to a great extent, it could be a sign that such a person is slowly dying. Though sleep in some situations could be a sign of recovery but if the person doesn't have appetite also, then it's certainly not a sign of recovery but a sign of impending death. Rush such a person to the hospital immediately for professional medical attention.

3. Urinating and Defecating Much Less Than Usual; this is another sign an ill person could be nearing his or her demise. Since less food is taking, such a person might not urinate and defecate much anymore. But this is a very negative sign and certainly not a sign of recovery. Once your loved one starts urinating far less and also defecating very few times than normal whilst suffering from a disease, he or she could be dying slowly and the best thing you can do for such a person is take him or her to the hospital for proper checkup and treatment.

4. Changes In Blood Pressure, Urine Colour and Heartbeat; as a person approaches death, there are certain changes that will take place in the body and they are as follows;

Blood pressure changes

Heart beat becomes irregular

Urine colour changes to tan or brown. This is often due to the fact that the kidneys are shutting down slowly and when a person's kidneys shut down, the person will certainly die. So take these signs seriously if you don't want to lose your loved one.

Source: Medical News Today

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