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2 Reasons Why You Should Also Blend Your Fruits Instead Of Chewing

The need to make fruits and vegetables part of our daily diet cannot be overemphasized here, as they are well packed with nutrients which help our body in different ways.

Sometimes, the confusion lies on which better way to consume these fruits, blending or chewing the whole fruit? We all know that consumption of fruits and vegetables are one of the ways of living healthily and staying away from diseases.

However, we must know the right way to get these things into our body to get maximum result. Hence, this article discusses why we should blend our fruits instead of chewing.One of the reasons why we should blend our fruits is because, it becomes faster for the nutrients to get absorbed into our system. This is when we talk about bioavailability or nutrient absorption.

Blending our fruit makes it possible for it to get digested easily in the body thereby, sending all the required nutrients directly into the different cells of the body.

It breaks open through the cells allowing the fiber and other nutrients to work their way through our various organs.

This is when the antioxidative power of the fruits manifest, which helps to tackle any malignant growth in the body and also fight against illnesses. The link below has more to say:

Another health reason why we should blend our fruits instead of chewing is because, it gives us the opportunity to consume varieties of fruits at ease without having to chew them one after the other.

You may decide to blend about six or more fruits together while getting all the nutrients from each of them at the same time. You may not get all these nutrients by eating or chewing them.Also, the nutrients from all the blended fruits would have more direct contact with the intestinal walls and other organs.

Note: It is important to blend fruits with low sugar so they do not deposit sugar in the bloodstream which can cause weight gain.

However, this article is not aimed at discouraging you from eating or chewing fruits. Blending or chewing of fruit solely depends on the result you want to achieve at the moment.

In conclusion, blending and chewing work on diseases, but blending absorbs faster. The fruits to blend should be put into consideration for best results.

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