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"This is Strange"- A Bizarre CRAB was caught Smoking Cigarette (Video)

Different things are really happening in the World of today. Animals acting like Humans and doing things that one could never have imagined them do.

Sometimes, we as humans are left in awe and could only keep wondering how strange things happens on daily basis.

Nowadays, Animals act, even reason like humans and do things beyond their characteristics and mentality.

A prove that, Animals now act like Humans is seen in this Video where a Crab was caught smoking a Cigarette and was even running away with it when people came around to see what it was doing.


How many people would have imagined a sea Crab smoking cigarette like human beings. How does it even affect it's growth or nature.

Crab are known for staying in pools or Sea, how did it now get the chance and have the initiative that a cigarette is meant to be smoked.

This is really strange and a very rare thing found amongst Animals. Or is this a sign of End of the World?

Source: The Sun(International)

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