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If You Mistakenly Swallow Fish Bone While Eating, Here Are 3 Ways Of Getting Rid Of it

Mistakes are inevitable in life and happens unintentionally. It is important to keep and maintain a good health but certain accidents may occur especially when eating things that contain bones. Most fishes contain bones but are very essential for meals. They are good source of protein and body building food. The use of fishes while cooking further increases the possibility of swallowing bone while eating.Image Credit: Google

Allowing fish bones to remain in your throat for long can lead to several health problems like throat wounds. If you mistakingly swallow fish bone while eating, here are 3 ways of getting rid of it.

Image Credit: Google

1. Take Olive Oil

Using olive oil to get rid of fish bones in the throat is very easy and reliable. They provide a good source of lubrication to the affected area and allows any substance to pass through it. It also saves the stress of coughing seriously or using the hand. If you use your hand carelessly, you might end up injuring yourself.Image Credit: Google

2. Bread and Water

This is another simple way of getting rid of bones stuck to the throat. It is done by dipping bread in water and swallowing some of the softened bread. It is very easy and provides ease afterwards.

3. Take Banana

Banana are healthy for general body growth. The provide vitamins and nourishment to the body. Using banana to get rid of fish bones is very easy. It is done by just cutting a slice of banana and swallowing it to soften the area stuck with bone.

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