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Signs your period cramps are not normal

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Most people believe that painful periods are very normal. Menstrual discomfort is not uncommon, especially among young people. According to research, the majority of women who are menstruating have pelvic aches during their periods.

Severe menstruation cramps are not normal and it could serve as an indication that there is an issue that could have an influence on your fertility.

Here are signs your period cramps are not normal

If you notice any of these signs, you are advised to contact your doctor.

1 Your activities are disrupted

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If your period pain is severe enough that you have to miss work on a regular basis or you can perform your regular activities, see your doctor. This is a common ailment but it's also not normal.

2 Pain medications don't work

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If your period pain is very severe that over the counter drugs like ibuprofen do not cause the relief to help you continue your day, your period cramps are not normal.

3 Random pelvic pain

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Pelvic soreness in the days before your period and throughout the first few days of your period is common. However, if you experience pelvic pain at other periods during your cycle, this could indicate a problem.

4 Cramps last too long during menstruation.

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It is common for menstrual bleeding to persist anywhere from two to seven days. However, it's not common to have severe period pains the entire time. If you have severe pain throughout your period, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

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