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Artificial womb, a new era of motherless birth approaches.

Technology is well on its way to developing ectogenesis (artificial womb), improving the survival of premature babies, and increasing fertility options.

Researchers are in the brink of a biological breakthrough, towards the invention of a complete external womb. The technology could change the very nature of human reproduction as we know it.

According to a Guardian report, researchers at a Philadelphia children's hospital developed an artificial womb ( BioBag), which I a significant improvement over the conventional incubators and was developed for improving the survival rates of premature babies.

Test results have confirmed that lamb foetus which is the equivalent of a premature human foetus 22-24 weeks can successfully grow in the BioBag.

Further research will help narrow how long an embryo can survive and the earliest time a foetus is viable. The artificial womb technology had come far, but it will have to be perfected through further research into the field.

Ectogenesis will have amazing benefits to the human race, it could save premature babies, help infertile couples, give gay couples a chance at parenthood and enable older parent to have children, could also serve as a safer alternative to the traditional pregnancy and childbirth.

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