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"Life no balance" -Reactions as hausa lady mocks men stopping their sisters from going to university

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A hausa lady, Fareedahtu has taken to her page to kick against a bad habit that is most likely to be common in northern part of the country. The bad habit has always been unfair treatment of female children towards their education. 

Fareedahtu maintained that it is highly ridiculous for men (brothers) who want their wives to be treated by female doctors at the hospitals but kicking against sisters (women) to go to university to study medicine. Of course, if you see female doctor around, it is someone's daughter or sister!

She said: Some brothers will tell their sisters, it's wrong for a female to go to university...But when they take their wives to hospital, they demand a female doctor.

It is enshrined in United Nations, MDGs and Nigerian constitution to maintain gender equality across board. Sorry to say that gender equality is being lopsided in some northern parts of the country! 

When it comes to educating a female child, female children are not well put in the right perspective. However, things are changing gradually but more still need to be done!

Who wears the shoe knows where it pinches! Fareedahtu is from the North, she understands the mentality of her people and this is reflected in her post.

No wonder she draws people attention to the fact on ground and the need for 'brothers' to change their orientation towards embracing their daughters or sisters to study medicine at the University if they want female doctors!

See how people reacted to this Fareedahtu's tweet:

Let's know your thoughts or reactions to Fareedahtu's message to the men kicking against their sisters from going to university.

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