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Eat this oil to prevent Heart diseases, Diabetes, Stroke, High BP, Stomach ulcer

Chronic diseases are becoming more common in our environment as we tend to copy the Western way of life without doing what they do to prevent the risks associated with their way of life . However , the above mentioned diseases are worst in blacks . So living a healthy life is better than eating anyhow and dieing premature .

The oil in equestion is a common oil used by most people for religious purposes , without knowing it's wonderful , amazing health benefits. This amazing oil helps in preventing the above mentioned diseases and has many other numerous functions to keep the human body healthy , and it's functions are backed by scientific evidence .

As we all know , Heart diseases , Diabetes , strokes , High blood pressure , stomach ulcer are becoming more common in our environment . Due to factors such as diet , smoking , excessive alcohol intake . However , studies have shown that , those that eat this oil has very low risk of developing this chronic diseases .

This oil that Prevent individuals from developing the above mentioned chronic diseases , when mentioned , you might be shocked . No wonder , it's being used by pastors , priests and other religious leaders . The respected oil is olive oil. Yes , olive oil, especially the Extra virgin olive oil .

Olive oil is a wonderful , natural oil gotten from the fruits of the olive tree . It's health benefits are overwhelming . The benefits of olive will be discussed base on each disease mentioned above ;

Heart diseases : olive oil Prevent heart disease because it has high concentration of mono unsaturated fat. The mono unsaturated fat found in olive is called oleic acid . Oleic prevent deposition of bad fats in blood vessels and the heart , and thus prevent heart diseases .

Stroke ; Stroke occur as a result of blockage of small blood vessels supplying the brain or bursting of the small blood vessels as a result of High blood pressure . Olive oil reduces blood pressure and prevent deposition , thus avert the occurrence of stroke .

High Blood pressure ; As mention earlier , olive oil reduces blood pressure by preventing deposition of bad fats in the blood vessels , thus it Prevent narrowing of the blood vessel lumen to increase the blood pressure .

Stomach ulcer ; studies have shown that , olive oil kills about 8 different types of the organism that is causing stomach ulcer . And thus , prevent the occurrence of stomach ulcer .

So therefore , please think of olive oil in your diet as it Prevent many chronic diseases. Also olive oil has high level of antioxidants . A substance that Prevent chronic and acute inflammations. Of which , it's anti-inflammatory effect is compared to that of ibuprofen .

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