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Success Habits of Great Achievers

Time is an essential commodity that is given to everyone equally no matter your age, race, religion e.t.c. We all have the same number of hours to spend in the day. No matter what you do, you can’t squeeze out a few extra minutes before the day comes to an end. So, the real question is: What are you doing with your time?

Unfortunately, most people spent their time on meaningless pursuits. It’s so easy to waste your time without realizing it. You might end up spending the whole day doing something that won't add value to your life. It is therefore important to always take a timely review of how you make use of your time in order to get the best result out of life.

There is a popular saying that " the kingdom of God suffer violence and violent men take it by force".So therefore for you to be an achiever of time you have to be violent in the use of your time by channeling it only to things that will add up to make you successful.

What you should be doing is investing your time for the future. Since there’s only so much time in the day, you have to engage in activities that provide a positive return in the future. Stop focusing on activities that only give temporary happiness. What you want is to get true value out of the things you do during the day.

Great achievers are successful because they take a timely recourse of how they utilize time and think of how to get the best out of a limited time. Great achievers are thinkers, thinkers are innovators and innovators are always successful.Here are some tips on how to better invest your time.


1.Pray before setting for the day

Commit your plans and ways unto God and He shall bring it to pass. Based on your religion, it is necessary to always commit your plan daily for success and achievement as belief goes a long way in making our plan to materialize. What you belief is what works for you.

2.Write down and plan What you want to achieve for each day

It is very important to write down all what you want to do for a particular day as writing it down iterates it in mind. Plan the procedures, modalties and the time for a particular item on your list. Allotting time will ensure you spend your time efficiently. You can plan the things you’re going to do for the whole day or week. This simple task requires just a few minutes but allows you to save hours upon hours later.

3. Avoid things that are not in your plan for that day

Most often things that are not planned occupy our time making it impossible to achieve much for a day. It is therefore of necessity to always guard against unplanned events i.e watching movies, spending hours chatting, roaming about with friends e.t.c. Sticking to a routine helps maximize your productivity and sets yourself up for success. It allows you to immediately follow a predetermined action plan so you don’t end up wasting time not knowing what to do.

4. Always Network and Learn from Others

Networking is a chain of connecting so many people to achieve a particular task with less human effort. Always seek assistance from those who are better than you as a tree cannot make a forest. When you share ideas with others and they share theirs as well it makes you well informed and it gives you power because information is power. If you are having a creative idea in mind, the best way to go about it is to seek knowledge from those who are experienced than you. It’s not a coincidence that the most successful people are life-long learners. Upgrading your skill makes you an expertise.Always seek opportunity to learn.

5.Take care of your health

Health is wealth for there’s no use to achieving your success and financial goals if your health is compromised. Being too busy shouldn’t mean putting your health on stake. Make your health a priority by eating healthy, exercising regularly, and adopting an overall healthy lifestyle. Do not forget that you can only do the things you want to the extent that your health allows.

6.Avoid Procrastination

Don't keep saying "i will do tomorrow".Start now. When you start a project or a plan on time you will be ahead of time. Many people keep blaming friends, the economy, other situations for not achieving their goals. You won't grow big when you don't start from small. Always believe the slogan "think big but start small".No matter how small you started with time you will surely grow big. When you keep waiting for huge resources before you start, you might wait till eternity SO START NOW NO MATTER HOW SMALL.

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