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See What Your Eyes Shape Says About Your Personality.

The eyes are the mirrors of your soul. The size, shape, slant, and distance of your eyes reflect your inner being in entirety and can give people an idea about your personality, just in a glance. They tend to speak a different language that is meaningful.

So here are some eyes types according to their shapes and what it says about you.

1. Wide-Set Eyes: Your eyes are categorized as Wide-Set when they are placed relatively farther from one another. They are indicative of a care free, adventurous personality that's happy to try new and weird things.

2. Almond-Shaped Eyes: People with such eyes are mostly calm and composed, warm and make people comfortable around them. Eyes with upswept corners are considered as almond shaped.

3. Round Eyes: People with round eyes are said to be expressive almost to the point of being dramatic and impulsive and are never shy to shoe their emotions.

4. Deep-Set Eyes: As the name suggest, you have deep and introspective personality. You are observant and survey every thing around you. You are also insightful.

5. Down Ward-Slanting Eyes: Can be the mark of a pessimists, but those people can also be loyal and lifelong companions.

6. Close-Set Eyes: They are stubborn, and hard to size up. They are also energetic.

7. Up Ward-Slanting Eyes: They are driven, focused and don't tend to take "No" for an answer.

8. Hooded Eyes: People who have them are often very relaxed and approach things with an open mind.

9. Small Eyes: These kind of people have eyes for accuracy and precision. They do not get carried away by positive anticipations, but are focused on minute details and work on making things perfect. They are logical and know how to handle complicated situations.

..what do you think.,thanks.

Content created and supplied by: Immuel32 (via Opera News )

Almond-Shaped Round Eyes


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