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What Private Organ Shrinkage In Men Is And Its Causes

Private organ shrinkage means that a man's private organ has reduced in size. This shrinkage may occur permanently or sometimes, it might be as a result of a medical condition. This shrinkage may also be caused by the person's way of life. It is important to know that every man has different size of private organ. According to a research, the average private organ size of a man falls between the range of 2.8-3.9 inches when soft, and 4.7-6.3 inches when stiff. When a man begins to age, his private organ may begin to shrink.

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Things that may cause a man's private organ to shrink

The following are things that may cause a man's private organ to shrink, and they include the following:

1. Excess fat around the stomach

When a man begins to age, he may start developing fat around his stomach area, which may affect the size of the private organ. A man's private organ may look smaller due to stomach fat because, the private organ is attached to the abdominal wall and when the stomach gains fat, it will pull the private organ inside.

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2. Age

When a man begins to age, fat may start to build up in the arteries which may cause reduction of blood flow to the private organ. The erectile tube found in the private organ may become weak because of lack of blood, and may lead to small private organ when it is aroused.

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3. Medications

There are some medications that may cause a man's private organ to shrink. Antidepressant drugs and some drugs used to treat an enlarged prostrate, may cause the private organ to shrink.

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4. Peyronie’s disease

This disease can cause a man's private organ to reduce in length and circumference. This disease can occur when a fibrous tissue develops inside a man's private organ, and it may cause the private organ to become curved. Surgery can be carried out to remove the fibrous tissue, causing the private organ to shrink or bend.

Some of these causes of private organ shrinkage can be treated, when a person adjusts with the kind of life he lives. An adjustment can help stop the private organ from shrinking. It is important to also see a doctor, if you notice changes in your private organ.

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