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Stop Asking People "How Was Your Night" – 10 Common Errors And Corrections

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Good day all, this article is just meant to correct some grammatical errors we encounter or rather, commonly use in our day to day activities. Also, it is important to note that English as a language can change anytime, it is not always the same. Without wasting much of your time, let's dive straight to business.

1) I bought a life chicken. This statement is wrong because chicken means that the fowl has been cooked, so it doesn't go with life. Rather say, i bought a life fowl.

2) Don't say i live my life the way I want it, rather say i lead my life the way I want it, we lead our lives and not live our lives. E shock you?

3) Meanwhile, don't mistake burial for funeral. burial is the lowering of corpse in the grave (internment). Funeral is a celebration held in remembrance of the dead.

4) We don't cut clothes according to our sizes anymore, rather we cut our clothes according to our clothe. English do change so don't be surprised.

5) Also, don't say you can't eat your cake and have it, rather say you can't have your cake and eat it. E shock you? Well, like I said earlier English as a language is so flexible, that is to say that it can easily change.

6) Stop asking people how was your night? this statement is actually not wrong but it is offensive, or it invades people's privacy. It means how was the s*x last night. There are many ways to ask people that question, because it is the commonest thing we ask while chatting. You could ask, i hope slept well last night and so on.

7) Never mistake seminar for workshop. seminar is the theoretical aspect and workshop is the practical aspect.

8) Don't say everyone know my name or everything have finished, this is so because of the rule of English Concord on indefinite pronoun. Indefinite pronoun are words like everyone, nobody, everything and so on, whenever you see any of these words, just use a singular verb. So say everyone knows my name or everything has finished.

9) Don't say it is time we go home, rather say it is time we went home. This is because whenever we have two main verbs in a sentence, both verbs cannot be used in the same tense but in different tenses.

10) Don't say i travelled to Lagos with my car, rather say i travelled to Lagos by my car. Because by shows means of transportation.

That's all for today, check us out for more of these, feel free to ask us any question.

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