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Warning from a Doctor for men and women who wear boxers or undies.

A Doctor has issued a warning to men and women who put on boxers or undies.

The Doctor took to his personal Twitter account, First Doctor or @firstdoctor and issued out the warning to the general public.

However, he is not saying that people should not wear boxers or undies but his warning goes to those who wear them when they are not properly dried.

He mentioned the danger that associates with wearing wet boxers or wet undies and said that men and women who are in the habit of doing that can contact infections.

He stressed that wearing wet or damped boxers or undies can cause fungal growth and other infections that can cause ill health.

He further stressed that it is more hygienic for everybody to iron his or her underwears before putting them on.

According to the Doctor's post, he started, "Stop wearing damp/wet boxers. Stop wearing damp/wet undies.

" Wearing damp or wet underwear can encourage fungal growth and other infections. Make sure your underwear is properly dry before you put it on. If you can, iron it to further prevent infections".

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