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Women and Kolanut in Igbo culture, check out why women don't share Kolanut in Igbo Land

Kolanut is very important and essential in Igbo land and they believe that anybody that brings Kolanut brings life.

The term kola nut usually refers to the seeds of certain species of plant of the genus Cola, placed formerly in the cocoa family Sterculiaceae and now usually subsumed in the mallow family Malvaceae. These cola species are trees native to the tropical rainforests of Africa.

Women and kola nut in Igbo culture

The Igbo tradition or culture is rigidly paternalistic and agnatic and not uterine.

Man is spiritually superior when it comes to culturally dealing with spirits and deities.

Igbo culture does not permit women to present Kolanut to an assembly (ogbako) but can openly present Kolanut to the head of the family (husband) even in the presence of guests.

Women are not allowed to officiate at Kolanut communions (Ikpe expire Oji/Iwa oji).

Culturally, women are forbidden to present Kolanut during the menstrual cycle or the postpartum period (Omugwo) but young boys and premenstrual girls are preferable.

Again in Igbo culture, women are forbidden to climb or pluck Kolanut pods from the tree.

It is disrespectful and culturally forbidden for a woman to take a piece of Kolanut before a man from the same plate.

It is permissible for a man to pick at least two pieces and give one to his wife rather than the woman picking by herself from the same plate if she wants to eat.

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Igbo Iwa oji Kolanut Sterculiaceae cola


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