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How To Build Huge Muscles At Home Without Using Gym Equipments

Yes it is possible to build huge body muscles at home without using gym equipments. But first you have to understand the principles of how muscles is being built in the human body.

Now the process of muscle being built in the body is achieved by one tearing or cutting your muscle fibers through straining you muscles and then allowing it to rest and recover.

for example if my goal is to get a ten inch bicep, I will have to repetadly contract my bicep muscles for a long period of time almost every day so as to inflict that pain on it.But cutting your muscle fibers is just one part of the journey; another principle you need to know of is the principle of eating large amount of food expecialy proteins. And please take note is not about how large you eat but how well you eat.For more information on nutrition please leave a comment below indicating that.

Now another principle to keep in mind is resting because resting is an essential part of building muscle. So make sure you rest your body more often than the average human being.

Now you may be asking how do you build this muscle at home and which techniques can you use. Well for you to build huge chest, one of the techniques you can use is doing push ups but this kind of push up is different because you need to first get a strong school bag and fill it with havey stones then carry the school bag on your back and beging to do your push ups, make sure you focus on feeling an intense Pain on your chest.And do this as much as you can everyday, at list a minimum of 300 push ups everyday.

Now for your arms you can use a gallon of water for coiling or a bag of stones too and focus on feeling intense Pain on your bicep and always increase amount of time you spend doing it as you improve.


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