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Signs Of Poor Health You Should Never Ignore

There are ways your body can tell you if you have a serious medical infection or condition. That’s why listening to your body carefully is always a good idea. Especially when your body develops sudden changes.

According to "Healthline", Your body will always give you signs when your health is not on track. So, if you see yourself in any of the following unhealthy conditions, make a nomination with a doctor for a proper checkup before it becomes too late.

1. Slow healing of wounds.

Diabetes, cancer, and other life-threatening medical conditions slow down the process of cell regeneration. This results in a really slow healing of wounds. If you notice your cuts, bruises, and wounds taking more time to heal than usual, visit a doctor immediately.

2. Rapid weight loss.

A weight loss of more than 20 percent of body weight over 3 months isn’t normal at all. It is usually defined as a weight loss of concern and should result in a serious investigation. Knowing the reason for this weight loss should be done immediately. Weight loss can be a warning sign of diabetes, a tumor, cancer, or a chronic infection.

3. Chest pain.

Call your doctor immediately if you experience a sudden feeling of pressure, squeezing, tightness, or crushing in your chest. The pain can also lead to shortness of breath and low heart rate. This is not normal, and in some cases, it can be a sign of a heart attack approaching.

4. Mood swings.

Have you been experiencing frequent mood swings? Don’t hesitate to seek medical health immediately because it can be a sign of more serious mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, dysthymia, and others. 

5. Fatigue.

Fatigue can be treated with a good diet and rest but continuous tiredness or fatigue can be a disorder which is known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). So make an appointment with a doctor and get the correct diagnosis soon. 

6. Headaches.

Having headaches is a very common thing but it shouldn’t be that serious. If you notice you are almost always having headaches, then there should be a cause for alarm.

7. Joint Pain.

Most people experience regular pain in their joints or knees and they don’t take it seriously. Joint pain that occurs regularly means you probably have something wrong with your bones and muscle formation. Visit the hospital immediately.

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