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6 Medical Benefits Of Taking Medical Marijuana

You may have heard that marijuana had a lot of health benefits. Medical marijuana is the refined, not-too-active kind of marijuana that only contain the beneficial active components but still has more than 70% of the original marijuana features. These active components have positive impact when they interact with our body systems. Now that knowledge of marijuana's health benefits is increasing, scientists have investigated the potentials of this plant, and here are the benefits it offer.

1. Euphoric and psychoactive benefits

Medical Marijuana contain Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is responsible for the euphoric and psychoactive effect Medical Marijuana gives. It makes the brain and body active, alert and also relieves the body of pain.

2. Antiviral benefits

One of the active components in marijuana, Cannabichromene, has antiviral properties. So this shows that medical Marijuana or let just say marijuana smokers are more immune to viral infections.

3. Anti-inflammatory benefits

Cannabichromene also gave marijuana its anti-inflammatory properties. 

4. Glaucoma treatment

Marijuana can help to decrease pressure built up in the eye due to glaucoma. This shows that marijuana may help to speed up eye healing from glaucoma disease.

5. Epileptic seizures treatment

Marijuana's active components such as Cannabidol, Cannabinoids and Tetrahydrocannabinol can control seizures by binding to the brain cells that are responsible for regulating relaxation and excitability.

6. Easing Chemotherapy in cancer patients

Cannabidol has also been shown to prevent metastasis- spread of cancer cells from a part of the body to another. Studies are ongoing to see if it can kill cancer cells or not. Marijuana also help to ease pain and suppress the nauseated feeling after chemotherapy treatment in cancer patients. 

More on benefits of Marijuana are about to be unveiled soon as researches are be funded all over the world to see how marijuana can improve human health to the maximum without the problems and side effects of marijuana smoking such as addiction. 

How do you feel about this new findings?

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