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Natural Foods To Eat When You Have Malaria

Malaria can be described as a common vector borne disease transmitted via the bite of anopheles mosquito which infects the red blood cells. Common symptoms are: muscle pain, headache, fever, fatigue, dry cough, vomiting etc. However, good nutrition is a prerequisite for a quick recovery. Some natural foods can boost your immunity and make your system work effectively. The foods to eat when you have malaria will be discussed in this article.

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Natural Foods To Eat When You Have Malaria:

1 Fruits: it contains vitamin C that fights against malaria and detoxifies the body.

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2 Raw/papaya leaf extract: it contains antimalarial properties that Increases the platelet count.

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3 Vegetables: Cabbage, broccoli, bell and carrot pepper soup.

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4 Fluids and energy giving foods: papaya juice, glucose water, orange squash, water etc.

5 Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids

6 Natural spices such as turmeric: it enhances the immune system due to it's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities.

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7 Protein: chicken, eggs, yoghurt etc.

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