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Why You Should Stop Crossing Your Legs While Sitting Down

Crossing your legs while sitting cab cause buildup of pressure in the legs that could end up interfering with blood circulation in the body. Most people are fond of sitting with their legs crossed, but very few of them know the potential harm this poses to their bodies but in this piece we are going to examine some of the health risks.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the major reasons why you should stop crossing your legs while sitting. Whether you are a lady or not, endeavour to do away with this habit but don't take my word for it, allow the factual information enlighten you. Just sit tight and enjoy whilst learning something new.

Why Should You Stop Crossing Your Legs While Sitting Down?

1. Poor Blood Circulation to The Lower Extremities; this is actually one of the reasons why you should stop crossing your legs while sitting. Reason being that whenever we are sitting in an upright manner, the legs fight gravity to keep blood flowing as it should to the legs and feet but you will only end up worsening or making things more difficult for the legs and blood circulation by crossing your legs. This might eventually lead to burning feet sensation due to poor blood circulation to the legs and feet.

2. It Can Lead to Increase In The Blood Pressure; according to medical researchers, always crossing your legs while sitting can raise the blood pressure. The diastolic blood pressure increases after a long time of crossing legs while sitting down, so it's totally unadvisable if you really wish to be healthy.

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Source: Orlandohealth

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