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Wherever you are, LAY your right-hand on your Head and SAY these POWERFUL prayers this New week.

Today is a new day and also a new week, did you ever think to pray?. As Believers and Christians, prayer is our soul sincere desire which is the most important need for every believer. It is the only cry that reaches up to heaven, and that is why it is of utmost important that we do not neglect prayers at any point in time.

This is a new week, Satan and his cohorts are never at rest but are always re strategizing to see to our downfall and our lives becoming miserable. It is very needful that you put God in front of everything you do, and he will lead you through in every face of your endeavors.

For remarkable Testimonies and Unstoppable miracles, Lay your right hand on your head wherever you are and proclaim these powerful Prayers.

1. Oh God, i commit this new week into you mighty hands. Take absolutely control over every endeavors of your children, over their businesses, over everything that concerns them. Let only your perfect will and plan be actualised in their lives. Every agenda and plands from the pit of hell, let it be neutralized in the mighty name of Jesus.

2. Oh Lord, every handwriting of the wicked and demonic ones to bring your sorrow, reproach and Disappointment Such handwriting is erased from your destiny, your career, your business, your job, your loved ones in the mighty name of Jesus.

3. Every evil eye of kidnappers, ritualist, blood sucking demons, witches and wizards targeting you and your loved ones. Every stray bullet and accident set before you way. They are nullified and blinded in the Mighty Name of Jesus. No evil shall come near your dwelling. The Bible says they shall surely gather but not for you, whoever will see to you downfall will surely fall for thy sake in the mighty Name of Jesus.

4. Sickness is far from your dwelling, every Spirit of disease and sickness that wants to eat your hard earned money. You are healed in the Mighty Name of JESUS. Receive your healing wherever you are in the Mighty Name of JESUS.

5. God will open the floor gates of Heaven, and provide all your needs according to your riches in glory. God will surprise you this week, abundant supply is coming your way. Just watch out a surprise package awaits you this week. If your believe it, it shall be so for you in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

The Lord will favour you and your loved ones beyond your expectations.There shall be showers of blessings upon every aspect of your life and that of your loved ones. If you believe it say a LOUD AMEN wherever you are and seal it with a POWERFUL AMEN In the comment section.

Share this Powerful PRAYERS immediately and watch out for unstoppable Testimonies, Unmerited Blessings this week.

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