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Eggplant juice for cholesterol

According to Healthline - Eggplant juice is an excellent home remedy for high cholesterol, which serves to lower its values in a natural way.

Eggplant contains a high content of antioxidant substances, especially in the peel. For this reason, it should not be removed when preparing the juice. Eggplant can also be consumed in other ways, either cooked or roasted, to have a greater protective effect on the liver and thus lower cholesterol. Another way to use eggplant is in capsules.

In addition to drinking this juice you need to adjust your diet to lower cholesterol and keep it under control, but it is also important to do a dietary re-education to prevent the blood cholesterol level from rising again.


1/2 eggplant, sliced and peeled

Natural juice of 3 oranges

How to prepare

Blend the orange juice with the eggplant. If desired, sweeten with honey and drink it afterwards.

The eggplant and orange juice should be taken daily on an empty stomach by those who suffer from high cholesterol, because this is a delicious way to fight the excess of fat in the blood. But, this home remedy does not exempt the need to exercise and eat properly.

In general, the symptoms of high cholesterol do not manifest themselves, but it can be suspected when the individual is overweight, sedentary, and has a wrong diet, abusing sweets, fried foods, fats, and alcoholic beverages.

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