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Meet the Doctor Who Performed Surgery On Himself Without Any Help From Nurses.

Leonid Rogozov was a Soviet practitioner. In September 1960, at the age of 26, Leonid Rogozov joined soviet Antarctic Expedition. He was selected as the team's only doctor. In the year 1960, he was sent, to Antarctica. During the expedition to Antarctica Leonid suddenly becomes very ill. he developed strong pain in the right arm of his abdomen. And any help from Russia by then would take not less than 36 days to arrive. He knew he might not live the next three days. He had a very painful sensation in the appendix, that would burst anytime sooner or later and kill him.

Leonid has no option so he decided to operate on himself. He cut open his own stomach, and removed the appendix that was causing him the imense pain and entire problem to his body's functioning and metabolism. After that he stitched himself right back, and went back to sleep.

With the surgery done and dusted Leonid did not only recover fully, but completed the expedition, and lived an entire happy life in health till he was 66 years old. He died in the most natural ways most occuring to every being.

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