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Body parts you will experience pain when your blood cholesterol is higher than normal

High cholesterol is a problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Heart problems, atherosclerosis, coronary insufficiency, cardiac arrest, stroke, and death are all possible health issues that may arise as a result of having high blood cholesterol. In this article, I want to briefly educate you according to Healthline, on body parts you will experience pain when your blood cholesterol is higher than normal.

A feeling of discomfort or agony in the chest. Having high cholesterol puts you at greater risk for cardiovascular disease and other circulatory issues, as reported by WebMD. That's called atherosclerosis in the medical field. The chest is the most common site of initial symptom presentation because of its closeness to the heart and the circulatory system. In medical terms, this type of chest discomfort is known as angina pectoris. Cardiovascular disease is also associated with the illness.

If you are overweight and have been having unexplained jaw and neck pain, a cholesterol check may be in order. Intense pain in the face and neck may suggest a problem with blood circulation in the brain.

The common carotid artery is where the oxygenated blood from the body first enters the brain.

Ache or pain in the legs and feet, particularly when walking or doing heavy work. Mortality is associated with peripheral arterial disease, which is caused by cholesterol deposits in the leg arteries (PAD). If your legs are tingling or hurting, this may be the cause.

In cases where cholesterol levels are high, treatment is necessary. Once every three months is a minimum interval between inspections. Exercising regularly is also crucial for weight maintenance. Get more veggies, fruits, and polyunsaturated fats into your diet and fewer trans fats.

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