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3 Reasons why you should drink water on an empty stomach in the morning every day before eating

Water is the most essential fluid in the human body. This water makes up the bulk of human body as every cells, tissues, organs constitute water. Water is needed for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients, body temperature regulation, removal of waste products from the body, etc. Water is also an essential component of the blood, skin and hair.

Most people in the society find it difficult to drink water on an empty stomach in the morning before they eat. Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning is very beneficial to the body.

The following are the 3 Reasons amongst others why you should drink water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach before eating;

1. Cleanses the bowels: Drinking water on an empty stomach first in the morning helps to cleanse the bowels. This water allows the alkaline saliva content of the mouth to mix with the gastric acid in the stomach, thus diluting acidity and removing toxins from the digestive system. It regulates the digestive system and relieves or prevents constipation within the bowels.

2. Enhances weight loss: Water is an essential component of a diet for weight loss. Water has no calories and thus fastens the metabolism of the body, causing the body to burn stored fats at a speedily rate as well as speeds up digestion.

3. Prevents Kidney stone: Kidney stone is a disease that affects the kidney. This basically occurs in human due to lack of drinking adequate water that is required of the body. Drinking water on an empty stomach everyday will help cleanse the system removing toxins which are excreted by the kidneys from the urethra in the form of urine to the exterior. Accumulation of these harmful toxins on the kidneys can cause kidney stones.

Furthermore, drinking water on an empty stomach everyday helps prevent bladder infections.

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