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Potential benefits of the compulsory vaccination policy implemented by the Edo state government

Days after the government of Edo state, led by Governor Godwin Obaseki announced the implementation of compulsory vaccination against covid-19 in the state, there's been a lot of debate for and against his decision. Many people have protested against it, stating that the move is a violation of their rights and won't be allowed to stand. Even though I personally understand their fears and worries, I wish to state that the government's decision is for the greater good of everyone. Here are the two(2) potential advantages of the compulsory vaccination you should know:

1. Herd immunity: A compulsory covid-19 vaccination in Edo state means that more than 80 percent people in the state would be protected against the deadly virus. And if this successfully happens, the chances of COVID spreading in the state would become so minimal. Infected persons would be unable to transmit the virus, because vaccinated individuals would have become immune!

2. Social growth & 'security': 'Health is wealth', they say. You may not know how potent this expression is until you experience it. I understand that some of the people protesting against the compulsory vaccination are either of the opinion that there's nothing like COVID or that vaccines are not safe. But the truth is, COVID is real and those vaccines are very safe! If everyone cooperates with the government, we would all stand to gain good health, void of unexpected emergencies that could result in death or waste of money. If we all cooperate, we can survive longer, be 'happy' as a society than we can imagine.

In summary, the decision of the state government to make sure everyone gets protected, should be commended and not condemned. It is a step to safe lives in advance. At the end of the day, the people of Edo state would be glad they complied. Get vaccinated today, smile tomorrow!

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