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10 health benefit of coconut and the disease it water can cure

To many people , the COCONUT plant is an ordinary plant. COCOS NUCIFERA is called coconut in English, Agbon in Yoruba, Ake - bake or aku - oyibo in Igbo, kwakwar in Hausa.  

 Coconut contains glycerioles of capprylic, capprylic, capric, lauric, myristic, palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic acid. Every part of coconuts is Medicinal. 

  The bark of the plant dried and burnt into ashes is effective remedy for skin aliments like black spots, measles, rashes, scabies. Just mix two- dessert spoons of the powder with half glass of palm kernel oil. Apply it to the affected part.

  For toothaches, mix two tablespoons of the ashes with one shot of gin. Stir it very well and use it to wash your Mouth. 

For FIBRIOD: Cut the root into tiny pieces. Measure out fifteen handful of the pieces into 8litres of water and 5 handful of( XYLOPIA AETHIOPICA) known as Uda in Igbo and Erunje in Yoruba, Unien in Esan. Boil the two very well. Allow it to cool down for 24hours.  

Dosage: Half glass cup 3times daily. 

For BRONCHITIS: Chop an equal quantity of pawpaw roots and coconut roots into pieces. Measure 10handfuls of each into 10 litres of water. Add 5 bulbs of Garlic boil it very well. Allow it to cool down, then mix it one bottle of original honey. 

Dosage: Half glass cup 3times daily.  

For HEPATITIS: Grind the dried coconut root into powder, grind dried bitter kola and grind dried bird pepper. 

Take 8spoons of the grinded coconut root. 8spoons of grinded bitter kola. 

 1spoon of grinded bird's pepper. 

Mix all of it together and add 1 bottle of original honey. 

Dosage: 2spoons 3times daily.. This will also work for JAUNDICE. 

 The coconut water is an excellent cleanser . It is among the best natural antibiotics Known. Coconut water strengthens the immune system and helps it to resist illness. 

If you are given some antibiotics drugs like CHLORAMPHENICOL or AMOXIL in the the hospital, you will be instructed not to eat coconut or drink coconut water because it will neutralise the effect of the drug..If a child or an adult takes an overdose of dangerous drug, give him or her coconut water to neutralise the side effects. 

However for CANCER try this, gather about 2-3litres of coconut water with 1 litre of original honey. Take 1shot 2times daily.

 For MEMORY LOSS, FORGETFULNESS & any form of memory make friends with coconut. Just remove the whitish pulp inside the IMMATURE COCONUT and mix it with half bottle of original honey.

 Dosage: Take it as much as you wish...


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