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Boosting your immune system against coronavirus

*DISCLAIMER* — *the following information does not intend to take the place of a qualified or professional health personnel in case of sickness. Once you suspect that you are sick, seek for an immediate medical attention.*

*1. DIET* —Subsist on a 100% plant diet. Meat and products are carriers of many viruses and bacteria. 

ELIMINATE milk and products. Dairy products increase mucus which creates a conducive environment for viruses to thrive. Dairy products are carriers of viruses and bacteria. 

ELIMINATE sugar and products. Refined sugar affects and weakens your immune system a great deal. Sugar increases mucus which creates a good environment for viruses and bacteria. 

Eat a bulk of fruits and raw vegetables. Red, yellow, orange and dark green vegetables are rich in *Carotenoids and Flavonoids.* These are phytochemicals that possess a potent to fight viruses and other antigens. 

Increase intake of *vitamin C,* which is *anti-infectious.* Eat lots of citrus fruits. 

2. *WATER* — Keep your body hydrated. Drink water and other fluids frequently to help wash your throat and stay hydrated. Take not less than 8 glasses of water a day. 

3. *FRUIT AND VEGETABLE JUICES* — Saturate your body with fruit or vegetable juices that you make for yourself at home. 

*Juices Combinations That Boost Your System*

Carrot and Apple Juice

Carrot, Apple and Beetroot Juice

Carrot and Celery Juice

Carrot and Alfalfa Juice

Lemon, Cucumber and Carrot Juice

*May add a bulb of garlic to 1 liter of each juice combination*

Take *warm water with lemon juice* every morning before breakfast. 1 lemon juice in a glass of warm water. You may take 1 or two glasses. 

4. *COLON CLEANSING* — Avoid constipation. Eat foods high in *fiber* to help clean your colon. Toxins from the colon help viruses to thrive.


*Allium family* (garlic, chives, leeks, onions) contain *Allicin compounds* that have a powerful potent against viruses. Eat these vegetables raw.

*Tumeric* contains *curcuminoid compounds* which have a high potent in boosting the immune system.

*Alfalfa* is rich in carotenoids. These are converted by the body to Vitamin A which help boost your immune system.

*Fenugreek* contains properties that reduce excess mucus production. It is also a powerful immune system enhancer.

*Cayenne pepper* help to increase your temperature thus help the body to release antibodies and other hormones that are important in boosting your immune system. 





Gingko biloba

Bee pollen





1tbl crushed fresh Garlic 

1tbl crushed fresh Ginger 

1/2tsp Cayenne Pepper ground 

Lemon juice

3tbl natural Honey


—Mix Garlic, Ginger, Honey, and Cayenne Pepper in a 750ml glass container. 

—Add Lemon juice up to half of the container 

—Shake well to mix 

—Fill up with Water and shake 


—Adults —Take 3tbl 3 times a day

—Children — Take 3tsp 3 times daily. 

—Take 30 minutes or more before, or 1 hour or more after meals 

—Do not take immediately before or after meals 

—Keep Refrigerated 

—Take till finish 


—keep a watch on flu or cold and other symptoms, accompanied with fever and headaches.

—watch on diarrhea 

—Wash hands frequently and exercise Hygiene.

—protect your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

—keep yourself immediately isolated when you suspect that you are infected and seek for a quick medical assistance.

—keep yourself at least one meter from the one suspected to be infected.

—open windows when traveling on public transport. 


Content created and supplied by: Abamat (via Opera News )

Alfalfa Juice Apple Beetroot Juice Carrot Celery Juice Carrot ELIMINATE


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