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Worlds biggest secret of all time that might never get answers

There are certain things you might only ponder about but will never understand.

1. HIV and the quest for vaccine;

Since the 1980s, there has been tons of debate regarding the origin of HIV and lots of theories are formulated. There are many suggestions that HIV/Aids started from Africa, but, is it really true? Some actually believe the deadly disease was laboratory engineered by scientists.

That the HIV virus is man-made! some conspiracy theories also said that the cure for HIV/AIDS has been found. But wasn’t shared to the world? Why are they afraid of? Maybe HIV/AIDS disease is been used as a weapon.

2. Coca-Cola Formula

This could be one of the best kept secrets of the world. Undoubtedly, Coca-Cola is the most popular soft drink, and even one of the best-selling beverages. However, the drink conceals an excellent mystery because nobody knows needless to say what it's made from . Its exact formula has been strongly protected and although it's been quite a century since its appearance, still today the ingredients utilized in its elaboration remain one among the greatest secrets of the world in marketing.

There is a legend that says that only the 2 founders know the recipe; however , fanatics have proposed many of them, but the Coca-Cola company always denies their accuracy and evaluates them as incorrect.

3. New world order;

Could this be one among the most important secrets of the world?

This affirms the existence of powerful elite that conspire to rule the world through a totalitarian world government; likewise, that each one events that are perceived significant within the world are connected under the control of those elite. The members of this conspiracy that theories are about consist of the good capitalist elite, the Illuminati, the Catholic Church , politicians, governments, and even the extraterrestrials.

4. Who was Jack the Ripper?

Jack was a serial killer who committed several crimes in 1888, mainly in Whitechapel, London, as well as in the poor neighborhoods around. His identity continues to be a mystery to the police, so he’s part of these top 10 of secrets of the world.

It’s said to be one among the foremost important historical research centers within the world, that the archives complete about 50 km of shelves consisting of quite 150,000 documents covering up to eight hundred years of history.

However, the secrecy with which the archives are sheltered, also because the extreme supervision with which the documents are taken care of, make many of us think that the Vatican Archives conceal quite simple records and historical papers, which hide valuable information.

5. How were the pyramids built? 

The pyramid construction techniques instead of being one among the simplest kept secrets of the planet , is simply a mystery. This is a subject that has brought debates to historians, archaeologists and members of the scientific community.

The men of Ancient Egypt built them quite 4,500 years ago, within the middle of the desert and with tools that today would be useless. One theory appears behind another, subsequent one disassembles the previous, so on. But this issue remains a mystery.

6. KFC Recipe

Have you been wondering what the KFC recipe consists of? You need to stop wondering, because you will never know. The recipe may be a top world secret that the corporate has managed to stay undisclosed ever since it had been found out . Herland Sanders made the secret recipe in 1930 at Kentucky. His famous chicken dish which he sold to the residents in North Cabin, was so delicious such everyone talked about it. With this success, Mr. Sanders’s business grew so rapidly that he had to form a chain of restaurants across the world. Today, KFC is among the most important restaurants within the world. Perhaps, this will be attributed to its secret recipe that has remained a mystery to the general public . The recipe is secretly kept at the headquarters of the company and is highly guarded.

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