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5 Food Combinations That Are Harmful To Your Health

The body system is fagile and needs to be treated with care. There are some types of food combination you should not be eating not because they are bad foods but because the combination is not good for your tummy and for your health. When we hear about food poisoning what first comes to our mind is the act of someone putting in a poisonous substance in our food, but this is not always the case, someone can suffer from food poisoning through combining the wrong types of food together as a meal.

Let's take a look at some of these food and why they are not good to combine together:

1. Banana and Milk:

You'd be making a very bad choice if you decide to combine banana and milk. Milk and banana is a toxic food combination because it causes heaviness of the body and sluggishness of the mind. If you want to make a banana smoothie which of course includes milk, try adding nutmeg and green cardamom to make digestion easier.

2. Fruits with yogurt:

Eating friuts with chilled yogurt may be all fun and delicious but it's wrong and definately not good for your health. When the acid comes in contact with the protein in yogurts, it affects the digestive fibres and make the food toxic.

3. Water with food:

Eating food and drinking water is not a good habit. Water should be drank after eating and not while eating. This is because water tends to dilute stomach acid which are needed to digest the food we eat, this therefore makes digestion of food difficult for your system.

4. Beans and cheese:

Beans and cheese is another wrong combination, it will leave your tummy feeling all bloated and gassy. It is better to eat them separately at different times.

5. Alcohol with sweet:

Some people are fond of licking sweets after drinking alcohol, this is not healthy at all because alcohol converts sugar into saturated fats which can get accumulated in the body as it is not easily digested.

Hope you learnt something tangible. Please do well follow us for more articles to help you stay healthy.


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