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How to use tumeric, garlic and ginger for the treatment of coryza in your poultry

This disease has been disturbing many farmers. After some time, you see some whitish substance under their eyes and it makes them go blind.

Here are the natural solution

(1) Use cotton wool to swab out the whitish wax. Give it ginger , garlic and tumeric extract

(2) It is a very stubborn condition once it sets in. You can fought it by cleaning the chicks with warm salty water, then applied norbrook eye optical. It worked so well

(3)You can administer Coryl Sp and also make sure you vaccinate against it in the subsequent one.

(4) Use palm kennel oil (yoruba call it adiagbon). put it inside the eyes it will go for 4day.

It can also be cause as a result of low ventilation just use gentamicin eye drop or injection mind you if you are using eye drop make sure you remove all the white particle in their eye before applying

You can remove the white substance and the chick ll be fine...find a cotton wool the one use for ear to remove it

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Coryl Sp yoruba


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