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10 Disease that Scent Leafs Can Cure More Than Some Drugs When Used

Scent leaf is widely regarded leafs that is capable of doing all things in human life. Scent leaf give rise to healthy nature if well taken and consume, mostly widely knowns as Efferin by Yoruba's and also the Igbo's as Nchanwu leaf. It is a very good source of Minerals such as calcuim, potassium, Vitamin A. Its botanical name is Ocimum gratissimum.

Ways to use the scent leaf

1... Dysentery

If you are the type that normally have a running stomach, get some fews pieces of leaf, grind it and drink the water extract.

2... Diarrhoea

Just pick up one to three leafs, grind it and drink the water extract. You will be free

3... Mouth Odour

It is a remedy that is good for people experiencing mouth odour, just pick up two leaf chew it well in your mouth and swallow. You are free

4... Malaria

It is widely known to cure malaria sickness, just get some scent leafs grind it and drink the water extract morning and night for 4 days. You will be free

5... Mosquito killer

Just get the leaf and make it dry, after that put it into a place or container and set it on fire. The mosquito around will be killed

6... Spices for food

Is widely known for its aroma when used to Cook food. Just slice out few pieces of the leaf and add it to what you are cooking.

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