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Get rid of mosquitoes completely with this homemade product. You can do it yourself

Mosquito is the insect that causes malaria and it is one of the diseases that claim many lives every year. Although there are many insecticides that are very good in destroying mosquitoes but they come with a price which may be unnecessarily expensive, therefore some people won't be able to to afford it.

This article is about to teach us a way in which we can make mosquitos killer with homemade product, which is more effective than some of the insecticides in market.

To do this, we need some materials listed below

#1 Listerine Mouthwash #2. Dish soap. #3. Vinegar #4. Water #5. Spray bottle

#6. measuring cup.


Adding Listerine

pour Listerine mouthwash into a spraying bottle, the amount of the mouthwash used depends on the amount of mosquitoes killer you want to make.

Adding vinegar

Pour about 2/4 cup of vinegar into the spraying bottle. The acidic nature of vinegar makes it a good irritant for the mosquitoes.

Adding dish soap

Mix about 2/4 of dish soap to the mixture, this serves as a gum that makes the wings of mosquitoes to stick together, so if they dont die ,by the time they hit the ground you can easily kill them because they won't be able to fly. The dish soap must not be added in excess because it can easily form clog in the straw of the spraying bottle.

Adding Water

add enough water to the mixture, try to add as much water as you want but don't forget that the more water the less active the mixture against mosquitoes, I will advise you add a cup of water to the mixtures.

Time to kill some mosquitoes

Spray the product on the hidden places of mosquitoes, like corner of the house, beside cupboard, behind curtains and so on.

That is the picture of the mosquito that I killed with this product. Use this product and thank me later.

With these homemade materials you can prepare your own insecticide and you will be free from my form of mosquitoes.


This product is very sticky and care must be taken when handling it, therefore it is advisable to where gloves when handling this product.


This a bonus for the people that manage to read this article to the end.

You can destroy anthill by pouring banking soda on anthill and sprinkle it with this product.

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